Transact Payment Systems

Ken Gruber founded Transact Payment Systems Inc, dba Tranact, in 1996 to solve the difficult problems associated with large volumes of cash distribution within the Scrap Metal Industry.  Tranact strives to solve the difficult problems of cash management and transactional complexity for all businesses. 

We began with “loading money” onto one-time use magnetic striped cards that would only work at the business owner’s private EZcash ATM.  We then incorporated NCR’s 2D bar code reader technology so that account holders could scan an encrypted bar code printed on a receipt.

EZcash ATM owners no longer have to rely on cashiers to handle and manage cash, thus increasing safety and reliability.  Everyone from the large multi-state operators to the one location “mom and pops” rely on EZcash to keep their cash safe.

Our 600+ EZcash ATMs are deployed across various industries and use cases and faciliate thousands of transactions everyday! We are headquartered in sunny St. Petersburg, FL and love visitors!

We look forward to working with you,

The Tranact Team



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