The CADDY VEND Process

How does CADDY VEND Work?

CADDY VEND uses a POS (Point of Sale) Terminal and Closed Loop ATM Cash Machine on your Private Club property.

The club’s member list is uploaded into the CADDY VEND SYSTEM.

CV Member List

Caddies will go through a one time, fast, and simple registration process through the CADDYVEND smartphone app.   


A caddie database will be generated, stored and maintained.

CV Caddie List

The Caddie Program administrator (Caddie Master, Golf Professional, etc.) will assign the daily Loops as they currently do.

 Once the Loop is complete,  the golfer will complete a ticket as they are currently doing indicating name, member number, fee, and tip (if applicable).

 The caddie will then enter the transaction from the CADDYVEND smartphone application.

phase 2 bill member screen

The Caddie then sees the payment on their account.

 phase 2 caddie balance screen shot

 Once the caddie is ready to be paid, they request an ATM QR code for their payment.


phase 2 transfers screen shot

phase 2 qr code

The caddie can instantly retrieve their cash at the on-site ATM.


scan pic


Real time record keeping is stored for every transaction and transfer.

CV Report

Daily billing reports (Exel or CSV) will be generated for easy uploading to existing club accounting software systems.  Caddie charges will appear on member statements the same as they have been.


CADDYVEND can bill members directly through the ACH option.  The ACH option eliminates the club from being involved in any of the payment process between the Golfers and the Caddies.

 CV Report CSV

The Software System will be custom made to meet the unique needs of each club as it relates to Caddie Classifications, Pay Scales, Tipping, Carrying vs. Cart Chasing, Etc.

CV rank screen

CADDY VEND will be responsible for maintaining the ATM, hosting the Main Server, and offering Technical Support.

More About EZcash Payment System

EZcash Payment System is an enterprise software program which interfaces ATMs and cash dispensers with a proprietary Caddie Program Management Software Platform. EZcash enables Golf Clubs to pay their Caddies through the use of an Automated Teller Machine (ATM). ATMs reduce: time required to make payments, security risks, human error, internal fraud and provides additional accountability. Caddies will have their payment for service instantly credited to their account with one click by your Caddie Program Administrator. They will be able to retrieve their payment using their magnetic strip card at the self-service ATM. Data to include transaction details, real time balances and more.  

A database and video record is maintained for each transaction increasing security and allowing for follow-up research when necessary.

The Caddie Program Administrator will have access to a variety reports and be able to execute back office adjustments as needed.

Since 1996, TranAct’s payment system (EZcash Software) enables applicable industries to pay its customers/employees through the use of an Automated Teller Machine (ATM) or Teller cash dispenser without having to rely on cashiers to handle and manage cash.   Instead of connecting your ATM to the Bank Networks, you plug it in locally and use EZcash to drive, monitor and balance your devices. TranAct has a history of pioneering technology so, private and bank transactions on the same ATM is our next step, stayed tuned!